Exhibition & Workshop: Linda Courage 14-18 Aug 2022 Felted art work

Linda is looking forward to being with the island, her people, creatures and visitors.  She will put together a piece of felted art in the St Cuthbert’s Centre during the week and hopes people will donate a Cuddy stone or two.  Visitors will learn how to make a felted pebble that can become part of the art work that will be left on display in the centre when we all leave.  She says, “the island gives us so much – it will be lovely to leave a part of ourselves behind”.
Linda has been called a ‘creative explorer’ and describes herself as ‘an introvert who likes people’.  She is part of Living Spirituality Connections www.livingspirit.org.uk where she co-ordinates ‘the arts and spirituality special interest area’.  Her primary spiritual home is in The Abbey of the Arts www.abbeyofthearts.com, where contemplative practices and expressive arts have become rooted in her life.  She is a life long friend of St Bede’s Pastoral Centre, York, UK www.stbedes.org.uk where she enjoys introducing others to using the arts to understand and express themselves.  These three belongings welcome her as an edge dweller who is shy of God speak.

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