Exhibition & Workshop: Ruth Sprague 29 May- 5 June 2022 ‘Hopes and fears’ installation

As I started mulling over a theme for this reflective installation the word “hope” kept coming to mind but it never sat quite right with me, it didn’t seem enough.
Inspiration came unexpectedly from the Queen’s Christmas speech when she quoted “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight” (from “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”
by Phillip Brooks). How appropriate those words seemed during the troubling times the World is currently facing. Whilst we hold onto hope in whatever ways we can it is good to
acknowledge our humanity and the fear that sits alongside hope.

The weaves and words will reflect on this theme and how through both our hope and fear we are called by a God who came as a baby into such a troubled world.
I will be bringing both floor looms and smaller travel looms so there will be opportunities throughout the week for you to add your own hopes and fears to a community weave.
Ruth Sprague (Creative Weaver)


Hopes and Fears

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